Use a cast iron pot (also known as a Dutch oven).  You will need a large pot in order to place your small baking dish into it.  My pot is 30 cm in diameter, and I wish for a bigger one sometimes.

1. Place a few small stones or an empty tuna can (wrapper removed) in the bottom of the pot.  This allows the baking pan to be off the bottom of the pot so your baked item does not burn.

2. Mix up whatever you are baking.  You will probably have to bake it in 2 or 3 batches, so either half the recipe or be prepared to wait longer for the full recipe to bake.

3. Put what you are baking in your greased baking dish.

4. Place baking dish in the pot on top of the stones or can.

5. Put the lid in place and put the pot into the flames of the fire. (Be sure the fire is going good.)

6. Don’t depend on the clock, but on your eyes to determine with your baked item is ready.

7. The more you open the lid during the baking process, the smokier the baked goods will taste.

8. When removing the pot from the fire, double up on your hot mitts, as the pot will be extremely hot!


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