Now we’re ready to get our taco toppings prepared for a super summer supper!

Start by browning the meat along with some diced onion.

After the meat is browned, I add taco seasoning. Depending on your budget and your taste, you can use ONLY browned meat with taco seasoning, ONLY refried beans with taco seasoning, or a mixture. I like the ratio of about 2 C. of refried beans to one pound/500 g of hamburger. Use my printer-friendly recipe for your own Taco Seasoning Mix. Or, use prepared Taco Seasoning.

For 1 lb./500 g of meat, you’ll want a single package or 1/4 C. if you mix your own seasonings or from the larger bottle (i.e. the Tone’s above which is from Costco or Sam’s Club). When I add refried beans, I find it needs additional taco seasoning…approximately another half package or another 2 T. if you make your own or use a large bottle of seasonings.

Here I used a combination of refried beans and hamburger…with appropriate seasonings:

OK, so now we have tortillas, salsa, our meat/bean mixture…so here’s your opportunity to use some creativity depending on what your family likes. Here’s what we like:

First I like to put some sour cream or Greek yogurt…putting this first seems to help the next ingredients stay in place a bit…

…then I put the meat/refried bean mixture…

…next grated cheese. If you live outside of North America, you will probably have to use a substitute for cheddar. I use either Gouda or Provolone Dolce…putting the cheese on top of the warm meat helps it to melt a bit.

…next goes lettuce and tomatoes…

…and lastly the salsa.

Now, instead of just rolling it right up, we’ve found it helps a lot to fold up the bottom so everything doesn’t fall out when you lift it up to eat it.

…THEN you roll it up….

…until it’s closed, and then….

…you EAT it!  Now that’s one terrific taco!  Yum! Don’t you want to go make them right this minute?


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