We recently visited the city of Maastricht, Netherlands, about an hour away from our home in Leuven, Belgium.

While there we ate at a little cafe where I ordered a delicious sandwich–a crusty roll with Brie cheese, arugula, and fig preserves. It was so good I’ve been putting this combination together often, sometimes with a few variations. Here’s all you need to make it…

A crusty roll and some arugula (or spinach)…


…a few slices of Brie cheese (or your favorite soft cheese)…


…sweet chili sauce and fig preserves…


Put it all together…and you have a winning combination!



For a little something different, I once added some Canadian bacon–Italian prosciutto would be equally delicious!

I know you probably don’t have these ingredients in your pantry today…but just add them to your grocery list…and enjoy!


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