All-in-One Vegan Dish with Sweet Potatoes

The first time I made this Spicy Peanut Sauce, I sauteed some fresh spinach, added some cooked quinoa, cannellini beans and roasted sweet potatoes…


…drizzled some peanut sauce over the top…


…and mixed it all together…


If you want, you can use brown rice or barley or almost any whole grain instead of the quinoa. Instead of cannellini beans, you could substitute chickpeas or soy beans. And once I parboiled some kale to use in place of the spinach.

This isn’t the kind of recipe that I use specific amounts but is just made “to taste”. Most often I’m using up some leftovers when I made this dish. You know how it goes, you’ve got a little quinoa in the fridge. You open a can of chickpeas or whatever you have on hand. Roast up a couple of sweet potatoes…and it’s ready to go.


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