Retreat Concluded | 2020 Croatia Retreat

Written by Cindy Judge

Photo by Margaret Henry

The speaker for this retreat was a 20+ year veteran of global work in a very challenging country, much like many of our attendees. Her challenge was perfectly applicable to most all of us. Her talk concluded with:

Resolve to never quit walking with Jesus.
Resolve to lean on God.
Resolve to find perspective in suffering.
Resolve to pursue the race.
Resolve to stand in the gap.
Resolve to share the gospel.

The messages were received by sobered women who received words from God throughout the sessions.

The retreat concluded as each small group prayed over the members and then departed to return to 37 different countries with 58 companies represented.

Before saying goodbye while sitting around the tables, they were asked if they had any feedback about coming to this Thrive retreat. One woman said she was terrified of coming to a Thrive retreat. She initially felt anxiety and fear, but after her first small group, she was relieved and slowly realized she could be herself. She said, “slowly God was showing me I can be me.” Another said that she would recommend a Thrive retreat to any of her friends because she felt so loved by a ministry that wasn’t even her own organization. Another stated that the volunteers were so genuine with their outpouring of love.

These women are leaving refreshed and renewed in many ways.

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