Written by  Ally Hilmer

Photo by Karyn Ward

One woman working in a closed country shared with me how invisible and isolated she felt because of the oppression she experiences as a female. And while I may encounter this to some degree in the United States, the everyday activities like taking public transportation or grocery shopping intensifies the feelings of loneliness and isolation.  She came to the retreat weary with a deep desire to be seen, heard and known.  As the retreat continued, she was able to make deep connections with other women working on the field, sing in her heart language and share the trials and joys from her ministry. She was able to relax and take a deep breath after a massage and feel the weight of some grief lifted. She experienced the gospel of redemption because she has a savior who loves her intentionally and holistically.

Whether overseas or stateside we all walk through painful trials, and in order to survive we have to cling to something. So what is it that you cling to?  Is it in the desire to be seen, heard, known? If we anchor our hope in an experience, a person, or a feeling, these things will ultimately fail us. The only hope that can withstand the weight of our needs, desires, wants, expectations is the greatest hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.  Even for this global worker, of all the care she experienced, the most important thing offered is the reminder of who she is in Christ.  So, I invite you to cling to the hope that is anchored in the truth of the gospel because we have a Savior who is the abundance in the drought, the redeemer to the broken, and the hope in despair.

The invitation

To be known by the Father

Beloved, it’s yours.

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