Donut Moments | 2019 Colorado Retreat

Written by Tawni Miller

The last day with the attendees is bittersweet. One of the things Lorrie encouraged the attendees to do in our last session together was to share highlights, or “Donut Moments,” with the group. One by one, they were handed the mic. And there weren’t enough tissues in the house to catch all the tears that flowed! 

Here are just a few of those moments:

“They care about me even when I don’t care about myself.”

“My soul craves beauty and God has many ways to show that to me. He used Thrive to bring beauty to us.” 

“It blesses your heart when people minister to you.”

“I was encouraged and built up.”

“Initially I felt guilty for being here and accepting all this attention and love. I realized I needed that acceptance. I don’t need to be perfect. I came with doubts about my calling and I realized others came with that as well and it was ok to share that. Others were like me, too. The healing power of touch during my massage, when I released the tension in my arms to the massage therapist, allowed me to release and surrender my tension to God.” 

“I found a bird pin in the boutique and will keep it as a reminder of this retreat: a safe place to land and be refreshed!”

“I was reminded that I am beautiful.”

“You {volunteers} remind me of a type of Resilient tree found in Indonesia. Trees that still stand after water or fire damage: The godly people in the land are my heroes! I take pleasure in them! Psalm 16:3” 

“We were watered by the Lord here: Deep springs watered it and helped it to grow tall and luxuriant. The water flowed around it like a river, streaming to all the trees nearby…this great tree towered high…it prospered and grew…because of all the water at its roots. Ezekiel 31:4-5”

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