Need For Retreat | 2019 Colorado Retreat

Written by Tawni Miller

re·treat; /rəˈtrēt/

1. an act of moving back or withdrawing.

2. a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

Sometimes in order to thrive one needs to retreat…move back and withdraw from a hectic schedule or assignment. We all do this to some degree in the states. We find a park to take a walk in, we take a quiet nap, head to a spa or Starbucks!  Easy to do here because we have access to so many options. That’s not always the case in some of the countries represented at Thrive Retreats. Many of the options listed are nonexistent or very far and few between. There isn’t always a safe place to take a walk. A quiet place to take a nap is unheard of. A trip to a spa or a coffee shop are often just American luxuries.

One of the attendees was asked this question today: 

“Why is retreating so important to women serving overseas and how will retreating change your perspective when you return to your country of service under the same circumstances before you left?”

This was her response:

“There’s no price tag on encouragement. One way to get discouraged is when we’re all alone. There’s value in a group that understands you and you realize you’re not in it alone. We gather as sisters in the same battle and walk away feeling so loved. It’s like you get a massive overflow in your love bucket! You reset so you can get back into the swing of things.”

1 in 14 global workers leaves the field each year. Two-thirds leave for potentially preventable reasons. Thrive Retreats increase global workers’ longevity by caring for, connecting, and creating community. We essentially pour into these women so they can hit their reset buttons and return to the field with full buckets!

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