Written by Carin LeRoy

I knew I was going to forget something really important. My husband and son were planning a trip to visit the tribe where we had been global workers. I was hoping to go with our youngest son too, but the support just did not come in for us all to go, due, I am sure, at least partly to the bad economy. I was disappointed; it had been nine years since our last visit.

After weeks of making lists and packing items carefully, I was sure I remembered everything. My detailed nature had all the little things packed that they would need for their month-long stay in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. Since the ‘comforts’ we used to have while living there were long gone, I did not want to forget a thing. In a small cosmetic bag, I packed all the office supplies they might need–small scissors, a mini-stapler, tape, glue stick, safety pins, paper clips, pencils, pens, a tiny calculator, a pencil sharpener, etc.

In another container I packed the silverware such as forks, spoons, knives, a can opener, and other basics. Then on to the medical things they might need—medicines for pain, allergies, stomach upsets, malaria, bug bites, sunburn, bandages, and even disposable syringes in case either of them needed a shot.

I went over the shopping list of all the items they would need to buy after arriving in the country for the stay at the station were the tribe lived. Everything was neatly put in the computer and printed out the day before they left. When we were putting in the last-minute things, we decided to make a carry-on suitcase change. I ran to get the laptop to see if it would fit. Everything went in smoothly. We zipped up the bags and left for the airport. We said our goodbyes, and off went my husband on the 30+ hour trip to Papua New Guinea.

Hours after arriving home, I realized I had not packed the power cord to the computer. There it was, on the floor. Oops! Now, I am not taking all the blame here, because I do have a hubby with a brain, too. In the suitcase switch, we missed a very important detail.

Sometimes in life, it seems God forgets important details–like me going to PNG with my husband. I will admit I was a little bummed out at not getting to go.

Did God forget something? After all, I got left behind. I wanted to go too! However, in the midst of my disappointment, I did have to trust that God had a plan for me to stay behind. What that plan is, I am not yet sure. Perhaps there are lessons we need to learn; the trip might possibly have been too hard for us all; or maybe God has a purpose we may never know. 

In times of disappointment, I need to remember God’s promises:

For I know the plans I have for you… (Jeremiah 29:11)

As for God, His ways are perfect… (2 Samuel 22:31)

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord… (Isaiah 55:8)

Even while I strove to remember everything to pack for the trip, I still forgot something. Thank goodness that God does not forget things when He orchestrates our lives. I believe He is very interested in all the details, the little ones and the big ones. When it seems to us that He has missed something, then that is when we must trust in the plan He has, even if it is disappointing.

As my husband reminded me, (We) shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace; the mountains and the hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands (Isaiah 55: 12). We are being led with joy and peace, and we can be assured that God has a plan! 

Oh, and I have a plan, too. My son leaves on Wednesday to follow his dad to PNG; I will send the computer power cord then. It is already waiting in the ‘to go’ pile!