Sing His Praises | 2019 Ghana Retreat

Written by Jane Mehringer

It’s always a shock when your time comes to an end at a retreat. It’s almost like Christmas… you plan and prepare with joy and excitement, and before you know it, it’s over. But I honestly believe that what was accomplished will have a lasting effect on everyone who was here.

With only the Thrive staff and volunteers still in Ghana, we gathered this morning to debrief our time. Our hearts overflowed as stories and memories began to fill the room. It was amazing and a bit miraculous! We talked about how to share with others the impact that this has had on us, some evident themes, and why this was SO successful.

If we only had a moment to share with someone, I would have to say that it was spirit-filled and spirt-led.

We all agreed wholeheartedly that flexibility was a key theme of this event. Though there were issues with the sound system, not a single worship session was hindered! One volunteer injured her ankle and though her job was massaging, someone in pedicure offered to take her place. Both volunteers ended up really enjoying their new post. There are so many examples over and over and not a complaint from anyone!

Why was it so successful? That’s easy: the presence of God in every moment! This retreat was covered in prayer: prayers from the staff at Thrive as they began to plan, prayers from each individual volunteer and their churches, and prayers from each person who attended. I truly can’t remember when I’ve been so blessed at a retreat. My life will forever be changed.

If you’re a woman who is looking for a fresh way to serve and experience God, give Thrive a call. If you’re an organization who would like to support God’s amazing work, call Thrive! We praise you, Oh Lord, for the blessings that you rained down on the guests and volunteers alike. May we leave this place with our hearts renewed and our convictions strengthened. We will forever sing Your praises from the rising of the sun to its setting.

©2019 Thrive