Body of Servants | 2019 Ghana Retreat

Written by Sherry Winters

An early morning jogger passed under the palm trees. She was heading to the exercise class with other fitness-conscious ladies today. Yes, self-care and a healthy “body” are especially essential for global workers. This, however, is only a small slice of what it means to care for the “body”!

As I entered the dining room, radiant glows on our global guests bespoke the loving care they have received from the Thrive volunteers. But their intensely harmonious voices during today’s worship time provided evidence of deeper gratitude to the One who has worked in visible ways!

After Shelly Volkhardt’s teaching on grace, our small groups gathered to pray and reflect on how God has spoken to us. Early in the week, our “body” of sisters prayed for the safety of Melinda’s daughter who lives in Pemba, in northern Mozambique. As you may have heard, a second cyclone hit Mozambique this month. Due to broken communication lines, our friend had not heard from her daughter. On Monday upon hearing this mother’s concern, we immediately rallied around Melinda! To see His “body” in unified comfort was beautiful! Thus, our joy exploded in applause after Melinda received a call from her daughter early today! 

Tonight I invite you to keep this “body” of servants in prayer! First, several of our volunteers have fallen victim to illness. Each member of our volunteer team plays a key role! We do need His touch!  

Furthermore, since we ladies have heard His powerful voice regarding grace, we request the greater “body’s” prayers. Because these ladies serve the neediest of the needy, they desire hearts and “bodies” fortified with His almighty GRACE! 

©2019 Thrive