I stepped off the elevator into a sea of excited women from all over the world. Day one of the Thrive Retreat had begun. These lovely attendees traveled from far and near for the opportunity to experience what God had planned for them. He would be at work renewing and refreshing their hearts and minds as they prayed, praised, and worshiped the Holy and Majestic God of the Universe.

The hotel lobby was also filled with God’s servants—volunteers—waiting for the women they had prayed for to arrive. As the attendees started coming through the lobby doors it got louder and louder as the excitement grew.   

One of the volunteers was blessed during registration when she had a conversation with one of the new attendees. Shelly said, “We’re so glad you’re here. We are your people. We have been waiting for you and praying for you. Then Jayme responded, “I’ve been looking for my people.” She began to cry. They hugged, and Jayme explained, “I asked God for a sign and this is it. You ARE my people.”

The attendees were ready to sign up for the variety of self-care options available to them. As they saw their options, I heard, “Wow. I can’t believe this!”

The evening session began with a time of worship—more like a small slice of Heaven. Women have shared that worshiping in their native language for the first time in a long time brings them to tears. Worship was powerful as we raised our voices to God Almighty.

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