As believers, we are all familiar with the word worship. We are called to worship in a worship service. We are worshipping when we are singing hymns together. We worship Him together in song. Yet where does worship take place?  Is it in a building?  Hopefully. But is this the only place?  Is worship synonymous with Sunday mornings?

These are questions that I have wondered throughout my Christian life. Upon reflecting on the Word of God and the meaning of worship in my own life, I have come to realize that the scriptural meaning of worship is very different than what I once believed.

In John 4:24 we see that the act of worship is from our spirit.  We are told to worship in spirit and in truth.  John says that worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth “are the kind of worshippers that the Father seeks.”  Worship of the Almighty God is personal and is expressed in many different ways.  During his most trying time on Earth, Jesus was worshipping; He worshipped by quoting Scripture in a time of trial (John 4: 10).  How often do we think of trials as an opportunity for worship?  Quite rarely, I daresay.  Peter told us to long for suffering (1 Peter 4:13).  In times of trial we are taught to worship.

In worship we recognize what Jesus recognized in the desert, what Job recognized during his persecution, and what David recognized in his time of repentance.  They knew that the omnipotence and omnipresence of Almighty God is UNCHANGING.  We must recognize that it is not one’s changing circumstances that should determine a heart attitude of worship.  It is in times of suffering, as well as in times of blessings, that we are called to worship.  The very passing of time signifies change.  Yet God is unchanging—even though everything else may change, He does not.  Knowing this gives my heart a reason for worship!

As I look at what Scripture has to say about worship, it is clear that worship is not just something that takes place on Sunday morning.  Each day we are given new opportunities to worship the Lord with our lives and hearts.

How much richer our lives will be when we realize that worship is a daily heart attitude and not just a congregational event.  We can worship the Lord with every moment of our lives, be it while we are singing praises in the shower or quoting His promises throughout our busy day.

Focusing on the character and love of God will surely give each of us an unceasing motive for worship!

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