It was a crisp, cool morning in our mountainous village. I was so proud of myself for getting out of my slumbering household undisturbed at 6:20 AM! The refreshing briskness greeted me as I relished my newfound goal of becoming more fit.

I neared a half mile mark as I glanced up on the hillside into a familiar face. She immediately greeted me with “Hello auntie!” I placed her face as the tutor of my supervisor’s children. She beckoned me to come, and I knew the culturally appropriate response was to oblige her. My mind raced with a thousand excuses…

I wanted my walk! I rarely had a few minutes alone, and here I was at such a time of morning being called for tea. “NO, NO, NO!” I thought. I explained that my children would soon be waking and I needed to get their breakfast.  Still, she chided me: come, come.

We entered the house. Chandra immediately walked over to the bed and loudly announced to her sleeping mother that they had a guest! The poor woman seemed shocked to be awakened with a stranger standing in the middle of her living room turned bedroom. As I stood there I remembered that the girls’ father had recently died. They had no hope.

We chatted for some time. At the time of my departure, they allowed me to pray for them. I left refreshed and thankful for the opportunity God had given me to share a little bit of His hope for their lives. I arrived late at home and rushed everyone through our morning routine. However, this time it was with a refreshed spirit!

How about you? All of us living in cultures which so drastically contrast with our own have a thousand opportunities a day to take those interruptions and receive them from the Lord as divine interventions or appointments. It all depends on our attitude, you know. A burden can really be a blessing if we just rearrange our mind a bit. I encourage you today to look for those unplanned knocks and requests in this day. Take a moment before responding, to pray for the right mindset which will enable you to be a blessing on the knocker.

May God give you joy as you allow Him to plan your day!

©2014 Thrive