To Be Continued | 2018 Colorado Retreat

Although the 2018 Thrive retreat has ended, the work that began here has not. It is to be continued.

The prayer of the volunteers is that the changes that were made in their hearts and minds will continue. God showed Himself to be faithful in the details of the retreat and they will continue to watch Him do so in the details of their daily lives. Just as each of them brought something special to contribute with their gifts and personal stories, they want to continue to use those same things to serve Him in their own sphere of influence. The challenges and encouragement they gained from the teaching will be applied at home as they try to focus on gratitude and trust as opposed to grumbling and anxiety. Because God gave them the privilege of getting a small glimpse into what it’s like to work cross-culturally, they now know how better to pray and care for the global workers in their own home churches. They have gained new words and stories with which to begin teaching others about the isolation and struggles faced by many global women. Most importantly, as the attendees experienced God’s lavish love, the volunteers were reminded of His love for them as well.

The work that Thrive does is not only about seasonal retreats. It is about long-term, ongoing, continued care of the precious global women. In order for it to continue, women believers need to answer the call to come alongside these sisters using whatever resources and gifts God has given them. It should never be taken for granted that God can and does use us in one another’s lives, and that He is pleased to give us the privilege of sharing in His work.

God’s women are meant to thrive. Will you accept the challenge to help continue the work He has started? If so, your heart and mind will be forever changed.

©2018 Thrive