Timing | 2018 Colorado Retreat

As attendees arrived today, there were many stories of God’s perfect timing.

After the ministry in which she served for over 20 years ended abruptly, grieving deeply and wondering where she will live next and what she will do, one attendee heard God tell her “Go” to this retreat. God used a past Thrive retreat to minister to her after another loss, and she truly believes and anticipates that He will do the same thing here in Colorado. Though the timing of the ministry ending makes no sense to her, she trusts in God’s timing in placing her here in a safe, nurturing environment.

Another global worker missed the opportunity to attend a retreat that took place in her country of service. She was hurt to learn about it too late and questioned why God wouldn’t have made the way for her to go when she was so desperately in need of fellowship and support. She eventually came to peace about the loss, choosing to remember and believe that God has purposes beyond our understanding, providing what we need when we need it. What a gift it was when He made it possible for her to come to this retreat while in the states for the summer! Although she knew no other attendees, she traveled many miles across the country and left five children with family because she truly believes that God has told her this was His chosen time for her to “Go”. She waits expectantly to see how He reveals to her the reason for this timing.

After 35 years on the field, while planning to retire to the states, one attendee’s dear friend signed her up for the retreat. She received it as God’s telling her to “Go”. Although a serious illness for her husband, a mother admitted to the hospital, and lost luggage all threatened to derail the plan, God made the way for her to arrive. On the surface, the timing may not seem right. But she knows she serves a great God whose timing is always best and perfect.

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