Sweet Words | 2018 Mexico Retreat

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Sweet Words | 2018 Mexico Retreat
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Goodbyes are always difficult when times together are sweet. As we closed our time together, many sweet words of gratefulness and hope were expressed. Here are a few comments from the global women:
“We talk a lot about people groups. This week, I’ve realized you ladies are my people group.”
Another woman beautifully put it, “This retreat was a space where brokenness and grace met.”
Someone else chimed in,  “Every single detail spoke to my heart, and I realized I have a God who loves me.”
One woman articulated her experience by saying, “I’ve been feeling small this week. You sometimes start to feel big when you’re on the field and you feel like you can never be weak. In making me small, God reminded me ‘I am faithful and it doesn’t depend on you. You’re small but you’re part of something bigger than yourself. I still have you in my hands.’” She continued, “Hearing stories of God’s faithfulness has really renewed my heart.”
And one gal summed it up when she said, “ We only had one session per day but it fed me enough for a whole fat cow.”
Ladies who came closed left open. Gals who came convicted left forgiven. Girls who came lonely left loved. Women who came hungry left full. So although the goodbye was bittersweet, we know we all left changed.
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