Seen, Heard, and Valued | 2018 Mexico Retreat

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Seen, Heard, and Valued | 2018 Mexico Retreat
    Photography by: Sarah Link      
Thrive is unique and the women sense it.
During dinner one evening, an attendee commented, “You can tell Thrive thinks about the specific needs of women on the field.” When asked, “What do you mean by that?” She replied, “Others have come to encourage and support us, but Thrive takes our needs into consideration.” When asked, “ What are some of the things that make Thrive different?” She continued, “The counseling for sure. But, even down to the little things said during announcements. You can just tell… they get us.”
Not only does Thrive provide skilled professional counselors to process life circumstances, painful trauma, real temptations, deep hurts, and reoccurring habits but Thrive trains every volunteer to ask good thoughtful questions that truly make women feel valued. Other attendees added, “These volunteers know what to ask. They don’t stop after getting the facts or ask ‘How was your trip?’ They truly listen.”
This week, global women serving in Mexico and around the world have felt seen, heard, and valued. What better way to demonstrate the love of God.
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