An Old Friend | 2018 Mexico Retreat

Fifty-seven global women streamed into the Westin Hotel this afternoon. Buses, taxis, Ubers, and husbands dropped off a beautiful array of royal daughters. Excitement filled the air as smiles lit up the lobby. One woman commented, “I just can’t stop smiling.” Eager volunteers offered hotel tours and helped each woman decide which type of soul care her heart needs most.

One particularly poignant moment happened for an attendee who serves in West Africa. She shared with the large group that Thrive retreats have not yet come to her area so she’s been waiting for one to work out. God finally opened the door to attend this Mexico retreat while she’s currently on home assignment. As a single, she was concerned about being alone and having trouble connecting because she’s working in a very different setting than those serving in Mexico. But, low and behold, the first person she sees when she walks into the Westin was a Thrive volunteer who used to work in West Africa years ago. Tears welled up in her eyes as she embraced an old friend. She was not alone. God’s timing was perfectly precious.

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