Grateful to Serve | 2018 Cyprus Retreat

As the volunteers gathered to debrief and process their experiences during the retreat, it was evident that many are carrying heavy burdens for the global workers with whom they interacted. Women who work in this part of the world have gone from being distant people who need financial support and prayer to individuals who are just like the rest of us in many ways. They also deal with fear, hurt, anger, insecurity, and feelings of inadequacy, while embracing joy, hope, and His promises. They frequently do it while living in places where they and their children do not feel safe. They are far from home, family, and loved ones. And yet they are obedient and desire to glorify God in their ministry. Volunteers deal with a wide range of emotions as they process the stories and heartache of women God has placed in their paths.

Even as they process all of the above, it is clear that God has brought us all here and that His hand has written every detail of the retreat. As one volunteer put it, “we are grateful and humble and honored that God would call us to serve the global women.”


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