As Linda closed out her teaching today, she reminded us that seasons of the Christian life don’t always end in a tied-up pretty bow. Although this is hard to accept, the truth is that we need to seek after Jesus, His Kingdom, and how to live the Kingdom way. Often that includes sacrifice and suffering, but we are never alone in the journey. Ultimately our hope is in Jesus and His eternal promises.

Goodbyes are never easy, as was evident this morning. It was a blessing to hear the women share the different ways that God worked during the retreat. We heard how roommates discovered common ground with shared interests and similar battles. As stories were shared, an underlying theme was an appreciation of being able to share their struggles, grieve their losses, and encourage one another in a safe environment where they didn’t have to maintain an image. The conversations and connections were deep and meaningful, even after just four days together. Attendees were exchanging emails and pictures and hugging and praying over one another as the retreat came to an end.

Some women are going home to the same circumstances, but with a different perspective and their eyes back on Jesus. Some are returning home with revelations from the Lord about their next steps. And some are still struggling, but we know that the Lord will walk with them and continue to show how deeply He loves and cherishes them.

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