After a restful night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast buffet (including many variations of pork, a rare treat in this part of the world), the attendees began the morning by taking a different look at the Lord’s prayer. Linda Swanson, our speaker, led us through the verses, encouraging us to allow Jesus to teach us how to pray. Following small group time and lunch, the global women were given opportunities to participate in various self-care options. Some women also chose to relax in the warm sun by the luxurious pools or a walk by the sea. Laughter could be heard from the pedicure rooms as women’s feet were pampered; giggles of delight came from the color and make-up room as the women’s makeovers were revealed; others slipped away for personal time with other self-care providers.

After a lavish dinner that allowed our guests to connect about the many issues they deal with on the field, the women gathered again for praise and worship. They enjoyed a fun game called “Taste of Home,” (similar to White Elephant) during which they received and stole gifts of hard-to-find items in this region–mac ‘n’ cheese, marshmallow cream, cake mix, maple syrup, and even a birthday party in a bag! In some cases, pretty gift bags were stolen before anyone knew what was inside. The night ended with much laughter and camaraderie. Even as we write this, groups of women are gathered around us in the lobby–chatting, sharing, and caring for each other.

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