The day is here! Our retreat attendees have arrived! They’ve come from all over the region (27 different countries), and it has been such a joy to welcome them. We’ve spent time getting to know one another, worshipping together, and designating quiet time with the Lord. The global women joining us are of all ages–they’re singles, mothers, and grandmothers–and they serve in various roles in their countries.

Our guests come with many different needs and anticipations. Many of them have left children behind with husbands and are hoping the homefront runs smoothly while they are gone. It can be difficult to settle into rest as thoughts of home run through their minds. However, as we gathered in small groups, it quickly became evident that this time away is much needed.

Comments heard around the room include…

“I look forward to worshipping in my own language…”

“I want to see God and receive healing and wholeness…”

“I pour so much out, I need to be poured into…”


“I’m tired…”

“Girl time…”

“Hearing how the body of Christ is working beyond my corner…”

“Space and time to process recent difficulties…”

It’s clear that this retreat is vital to and well-timed in the lives of these women. Join us as we praise God for bringing each individual woman to this place at this time. Pray that they will be able to entrust their families to God and relax in their Father’s arms.

©2018 Thrive