God’s Hands | 2018 Cyprus Retreat

The last of the volunteer team arrived in Cyprus last night and we began getting acquainted today. With this being the largest volunteer group in Thrive’s history, there is a great combination of returning and first-time volunteers. We’ve had a great time sharing our stories and telling how the Lord brought each of us to Cyprus to serve Global Women.

One volunteer, Pam, saw God’s hand leading her to learn of Thrive and providing for her to serve on this trip. She first heard of the ministry through a counselor as she discussed her desire to do more in her life. She felt like she was missing out on something. Caring for a loved one led her to believe that there weren’t any opportunities for her to serve internationally. As she researched, she discovered that Thrive reflects values that are important to her, and that the mission of valuing Global Women and showing them they have not been forgotten resonated in her heart. Stepping out in faith, she sent support letters over the holidays, unsure of the response she would receive due to the holiday season. But God stepped in and confirmed His plan for her to come to Cyprus by providing 96% of her need in just 30 days! In addition, He led a relative to give her a generous gift which helped her with travel and supply expenses. She said this personal gift showed her that “God has this!”

Pam works in a medical profession. When she discovered she’ll be serving on the pedicure team during the retreat, she reviewed feet and the impact of foot massages on both physical and mental health. She’s amazed at God’s design and is excited to sit at the feet of Global Women, serving them and praying over them.

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