By the last day in Papua New Guinea, the volunteer team has debriefed together, celebrated over dinner, and packed up all of their bags for the long trip home. There is a bittersweet feeling in the air. New friendships have been formed, we have worked hard together, we have shared our hearts, we have cried, and we have prayed together. As we disperse, we will go to homes all over the US and beyond. We will keep in touch, and we will look forward to serving together again. We will continue to process our experiences as each of us has a new awareness of the need for the ministry of Thrive.

Vital. This is the word that came up in conversations about our time in PNG. This work is vital. Global Women need encouragement and love. They need us to care enough to come. They need a place to share their stories and be prayed over. By God’s grace, we can have an impact on their ability to flourish on the field. He has shown up in amazing ways here in PNG, and He will continue to show up on future retreats. This is vital.

There are so many ways to be involved with Thrive. One attendee was thrilled to get to write a thank you to the woman who sponsored her to come to the retreat. Many attendees got to thank a couple who helped sponsor their travel expense. People around the world received the 30 days of prayer emails and were carrying the retreat to the Father in prayer throughout our time in PNG. For all who read this, I ask you to pray. Ask God how you might be involved in the ministry of strengthening these Global Women. It might be through prayer, giving, or going. Whatever it is, it is VITAL!

@2017 Thrive