From the heart of a Thrive volunteer after saying goodbye to the attendees:

Beginnings and endings. Hellos and goodbyes. These are the cycles of life.

Tales have been told of life in the bush… Deep fears and inexpressible joy.

We hold the stories of the retreat attendees as their suitcases close and airplanes, boats, and vehicles take them back to villages, compounds, and tribes. Each story is like a seed planted deep and safe in our hearts–in very fertile ground.

It’s hard to conceive that we could make a difference in such a short period of time, but our God is a mighty God.

This morning the attendees shared ‘doughnut’ stories: sweet, unexpected gifts they received this week from God. From a new pink suitcase to the awe of being prayed over as their feet were washed to warm hugs that spoke to them of their own mothers’ embrace so far away.

We stood in the shadow of the Cross and gave all we could in Christ’s name. Humbly, we pray that these precious servants were showered with their own seeds–seeds that will become deeply rooted in their hearts–from the worship, Scripture, and prayer. We pray that they will grow to become lush as the jungles that surround them.

©2017 Thrive