2017 PNG Retreat | Gasps of Joy

The PNG retreat attendees are being cared for in so many special ways! In addition to Biblical teaching by someone who understands them, quiet time with God, and individual appointments with counselors and prayer partners, many of the attendees are being pampered with massages, pedicures, and haircuts! Whether it’s the gasps of joy over a new hairstyle, the laughter in the pedicure room, or the deep sighs of relaxation after a massage, the impact of this time of refreshment is evident today. A lot of the women have experienced so many different emotions as they have processed so much in a short time, and this time to relax has been so good!

It’s clear that visitors to PNG are few and far between. One woman in the pedicure room commented on how many times she had been prayed for today and how much she loved it! The women have the opportunity to share their stories and a chance for their hearts to be heard by a group of volunteers who came so far with the single purpose of expressing the Father’s love to them. Deep connections are being made, healing is taking place, and hearts are full.

One woman expressed it as, “Today I was overwhelmed with the encouragement my heart, mind, and soul received. I feel refreshed.” This statement alone sums up why Thrive retreats are so important for encouraging women working around the globe!

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