2017 PNG Retreat | A Day Full of Highlights

What a privilege to spend the day with Thrive retreat attendees! Ministry to the mind, body, and soul has been the order of the day.

Stories from the field shared over meals have been enlightening. How humbling it is to realize what great sacrifices are made, living on remote volcanic islands or deep in the Papua New Guinea jungle.

Singing worship songs in English has been a highlight for some who live in small villages with few other North American co-workers.

Following our morning general session, the attendees meet in small groups for discussion, support, and prayer.

One-on-one afternoon counseling and prayer times have afforded an opportunity to bear one another’s burdens, while taking these burdens to God in prayer.

How grateful the ladies are for the retreat sponsorships that enabled them to be here. One woman shared that her sister who lives in the States paid her way! She had never heard of Thrive before. What a blessing!

Overall, the first full day of the retreat was a great success. Stay tuned for a future blog post on how the attendees are being pampered and having lots of fun!

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