2017 PNG Retreat | Gathered and Grateful

What an exciting day! The attendees have arrived! Some flew, some drove, and some came by boat. Some came from the highlands, some from islands, and some from the local town. Travel in Papua New Guinea isn’t easy. The roads are rough and very little runs on time.

Some of the attendees are younger, while some are more experienced. A few grew up in PNG and have returned to serve. Some have connections to the volunteer team or to other attendees, and some are meeting everyone for the first time.

Some have miraculous stories of how the Lord provided for them to be here.

One attendee shared the story of how God met her needs so that she could come to the retreat. While she agonized over whether she could afford to attend, her husband encouraged her to register. The next day (yes, just one day later!), they received an unexpected financial gift that covered her cost.

This is just one of many stories that show God’s provision at Thrive’s 54th retreat in Papua New Guinea. The ladies are so grateful for the generous support of the donors who gave in order for them to be here.

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