2017 Colorado Retreat | Foreign Dreaming?

“Do you dream in a foreign language?”

This week we’ve had so much fun connecting with each other, and finding out how much we have in common! Who but God would have made sure exactly the right combination of volunteers and attendees and knit their hearts together in just a few days? One way we’ve learned more about our global women (and they’ve learned about each other) is a game as silly and creative as it is revealing. In case you want to play along, just consider what your answers would be to these questions…Have you taken Bibles to church in two or three languages? Do you need to tone down your (impressive, aggressive, domineering) driving skills in order to drive on the roads in the U.S.? Have you ever thrown toilet paper away in the trash when you’re on home assignment here? And do you sometimes dream in a foreign language? If you answered yes to one or more of these queries, you just might be…a global worker!

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