2017 Colorado Retreat | External Processor

Do You Have An External Processor Somewhere?

While preparing to minister and encourage global women and each other, it helps to take a good look at ourselves. Can we find common threads? Have we developed a compassionate heart? Are we in tune with the work that God wants to do? These are typical considerations for Christian service. But one we’ve been asked might take you by surprise; Do you have an internal or an external processor? That sounds a great deal like shopping for new laptop at Best Buy! Here at the Thrive retreat we’ve learned that some people “work through” thoughts externally. Those are the people who can’t wait to share, are always willing to talk, and maybe even monopolize a conversation. They are quick to have answers…even if they eat their words later on. An internal processor needs time to think, to organize their scrambled thoughts carefully before speaking. They are hesitant to contribute, and may never say anything unless prompted. Knowing the dynamics of your family, your team, your small group can make a big difference. We are processing so much here in Beaver Creek!

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