2017 Colorado Retreat | Trees, Trails and Towels

Among the tall beautiful trees of the Colorado mountains, our group of volunteers began to gather last Saturday to prepare for our days of ministry. You might imagine that preparation involves study and long hours. But wait…trails? How in the world could that prepare us to serve? We’ve been walking up trails to the village of Beaver Creek. We’ve been hiking trails around the campus, watching hummingbirds gather and squirrels run. And we’ve been trying to follow the “trails” to find our rooms in the multi-level, six building complex that is the Charter at Beaver Creek. So trees and trails? Got it.

But towels? If you came in at the right time this week, you’d have seen a room full of women from all walks of life wrapping the feet of their friends in towels. Oh, none of us are professional, that’s for sure! But we can all hold a towel, and we can all laugh and visit as we wash the feet of those who carry the gospel of Jesus to the world.

©2017 Thrive