Day 11 | 30 Days of Prayer | Colorado

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Day 11 | 30 Days of Prayer | Colorado
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Today we pray for Attendees:  Michelle, Valerie, Wendy

The Lord will save me and we will sing with stringed instruments all the days of our lives in the temple of the Lord. (Isaiah 38:20)

Dear Father,

Every mother wonders if her children are ready to leave home. They spend hours in prayer as they wait for texts, emails, and phone calls while wondering if their children are OK. Moms often struggle with the empty bedroom and wish they could be more involved in their adult or almost adult children’s lives. When global women send their grown-up children to their new adult lives, they are sending them far away: countries and continents, and many time zones away.

Please help these courageous, generous and willing moms find encouragement while they are at the retreat. May their faith in You as their children’s loving Heavenly Father go deeper than it has ever gone before. And, please, Dear God, help their children to be all You created them to be and may they walk with You all the days of their lives.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Attendee Country of Service Prayer Focus Nation: Jordan

Challenges for Prayer:
Religious freedom could be a casualty amid rising religious tensions. This nation is a centre for many Christian activities and ministries, and much Christian work in the Middle East would suffer were a setback to occur in Jordan. A number of converts find life difficult – pressure comes from family, work and society. Emigration is often seen as an obvious and safe option. Pray for the freedom to proclaim the gospel and for followers of Jesus to be able to remain in Jordan.
Ministry opportunities for foreign Christians are under threat, but remain important. A crackdown on Islamist extremism resulted in some Christian ministries being shut down and visas denied. Several agencies are involved in a wide range of activities, usually supporting and enhancing the national Church and meeting humanitarian needs. Jordan also hosts a language school wherein many learn Arabic for their service in the Arab world. Pray that these expatriates’ lives may commend the Lord Jesus and gain witness opportunities. Pray that the well-placed Jordanian Church might experience growth in its mission vision.

Excerpts taken from Operation World

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Linda Swanson serves with Paraclete as a member care provider, retreat speaker and spiritual director. She comes alongside global workers to help them be effective in life and ministry. Via Skype, Linda provides spiritual direction for global workers. With her husband, Kevin, Linda served for 28 years with MAF, both overseas as a pilot/mechanic family and at headquarters in administration and member care. During eight of those years, she helped direct Fairhaven Ministries, a retreat center for clergy and global workers. Now, Linda lives in Englewood, New Jersey where her husband is a pastor with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Their two children are married and they have two grandsons.

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