Day 3 | 30 Days of Prayer | Colorado

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Day 3 | 30 Days of Prayer | Colorado
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Today we pray for Staff:  Lorrie, Leigh, Katie, Allyson

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. (Psalm 127:1)

Dear Father,

The retreat attendees and volunteer team members are making arrangements for their time away from home and family and life’s demands. As we prepare, we pray for an awareness of Your provision for the things that tend to weigh most heavily in our thoughts and in our hearts, those things that can distract us from worshipping and serving You well. You alone are worthy of our worship and we want our focus to be You, not our list of things to do!

There are so many details to care for and decisions to make when Thrive hosts a retreat. Please help the Thrive team care for all the remaining logistics for the retreat. May each item that needs action be properly cared for in Your time and in Your ways.

Please help each Thrive staff member, volunteer or retreat attendee to see You and follow You well as we commit our ways and plans to you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Attendee Country of Service Prayer Focus Nation: Cambodia

Challenges for Prayer:
Pray for the less-reached. The window of opportunity that now sees many enter the Kingdom may not stay open for much longer; the opportunities must be urgently seized.
Pray for:
a) The Buddhist majority. Buddhism has lost some of its monopolistic grip on the people, but reactionary forces are moving against the clearly noticeable growth of the Church.

b) The Cham, almost entirely Muslim. The majority practice folk Islam, which incorporates animistic practices into more orthodox Islamic practices; within this is a strong strain of Fojihed Islam, which is rife with pre-Islamic magic and superstitions. There are a few Christians; pray for them to be gathered into fellowship together. Khmer Christians have not yet met this evangelistic challenge; pray also for wisdom for those already reaching out to the Cham.

Excerpts taken from Operation World

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Linda Swanson serves with Paraclete as a member care provider, retreat speaker and spiritual director. She comes alongside global workers to help them be effective in life and ministry. Via Skype, Linda provides spiritual direction for global workers. With her husband, Kevin, Linda served for 28 years with MAF, both overseas as a pilot/mechanic family and at headquarters in administration and member care. During eight of those years, she helped direct Fairhaven Ministries, a retreat center for clergy and global workers. Now, Linda lives in Englewood, New Jersey where her husband is a pastor with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Their two children are married and they have two grandsons.

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