2017 Croatia Retreat | Dobar Dan

Dobar Dan! Greetings from Dubrovnik!

Thanks for joining us from afar on the 2017 Croatia Retreat! All of our volunteers have arrived safety with eager hearts to offer soulful care to global women. Each volunteer comes with her own God-given story and unique prompting from the Spirit to be here. It’s beautiful to see a similar passion emerging from within the group – to bless ordinary women who are faithfully sacrificing for the Kingdom in a foreign land.

Here are 3 top features of this retreat so far.

#3 Women serving with dear friends from church.
Women are sharing the mission of Thrive with their friends and coming to serve together! Here’s a shout out to the states these women are from: Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Oregon, and Washington!

Special thanks to all the supporting churches standing behind, encouraging, and praying for all of the global women and volunteers on this retreat!

#2 Relatives serving together.
As the volunteers went around and shared their stories today, it was amazing to hear how many so many of them are here serving with relatives. We have 2 mother-daughter pairs, sisters, and cousins thrilled to be serving together.

Also, a special thanks to all relatives sacrificing and serving at home so these volunteers can be present here! We’re all in this together!

#1 Thrive’s reputation precedes us.
The Hotel Event Coordinator helping to manage all the behind-the-scenes details is the same woman who helped with Thrive’s retreat nine years ago at this very hotel! She remembered Thrive because it was her first major event working here. Now, she’s been bending over backwards offering us beautiful spaces for pedicures, workout sessions, and relaxing rooms.

What an incredible witness Thrive has already been to this hotel and amongst their staff just by doing what God has called us to do! Keep praying for our testimony to the hotel staff!

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