Topic: Parenting Adult Kids Long Distance

Today we pray for Attendees: Laura, Miriam, Shelly, and Leanne

I believe as mothers, our heart’s cry is for our kids to personalize their faith.  The process is at times (most of the time) unlike what we would have imagined.  Living away from their kids from college on (having sent them to the US), and not being with them in their first mistakes, depression, jobs, relationships, career choice and marriage (sometimes meeting them for the first time weeks before the wedding) along with grandchildren add up to much loss and need of faith that He is in control. Lord, free the mothers from anxiety about their adult children, and give them peace. Reaffirm to them that You are greater than anything they face. Help them not to blame themselves for things that go wrong in the lives of their children. Redeem parental mistakes and release them from guilt. Help them forgive their children for things they have done that hurt or disappoint them. Help them forgive others who have hurt their children in any way. Give them faith to believe and patience to wait for the answers. Their heart’s desire is that each one walk intimately with Jesus.

The volunteers begin bonding today while preparing for the attendee’s arrival. We ask for love, grace, humor, and insight with one another. Again, please keep them healthy. Help them get over jet-lag quickly.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Regional Prayer Focus Nation: Turkey

Challenges for Prayer

Turkey’s transformation from guardian of Christendom to unevangelized nation has been almost comprehensive. For over 1,000 years the region was a bastion of Christendom, but it later became a strong propagator of Islam. The Christian population has declined from 22% to 0.21% since 1900. Only 0.008% of people in Turkey are evangelical; many are ethnic Turks and Kurds, but others are expatriate or from historically Christian minorities. Few of the 73 million Muslims have ever truly heard the gospel. Turkey’s location along the ancient Silk Road routes connected it deeply to Islam for centuries; pray that it might also be used as a bridge between Europe and Asia for the transmission of a revitalized Christianity.

A Church amongst Turks has at last become a visible reality, but it still only constitutes 0.005% of the population. Pray for:

a) Renewed church growth. The increases of the 1990s and early 2000s slowed in the face of spiritual, legal and cultural opposition. While this has caused an increase of prayer and focus on discipleship, the evangelism and church planting impetus of the past generation must be kept alive.

Excerpts taken from Operation World