2017 Malaysia | With Hands Raised High

Women enter into the doors of the retreat bearing burdens of all kinds. Some they can articulate. Some are too deep for words. Their bodies reveal the inner truths though. In our early sessions they are worshipping, but often there is a hesitancy, a resistance, even a bondage to their worshipping posture.

As the retreat unfolds those chains are loosened and as they fall away hands find their way into the air, bodies move, voices lift, and praise is manifest in all its many wonders.

Susan concluded her talks today with four reminders. She reminded us to remember Who called us, to remember to look to God for guidance, to find rest in the hidden works of God, and to rise up when we’ve fallen relying on the wings of surrender and trust. It was a beautiful walk through Isaiah 40 and was mirrored perfectly in the raised hands of Global Women in worship.

Please pray that as these women return to their communities of service they will do so in freedom, with hands lifted high, glorifying the one who they’ve chosen to follow with everything they have.

©2017 Thrive