2017 Malaysia | Inside the Tent

Our hope and prayer is always that the weather will be glorious and perfect while our attendees are with us. As I walked along the beach yesterday afternoon I was slightly disappointed at the general haze that had settled in. Yet as I crossed paths with an attendee she reminded me that for those who live in a hot tropical climate they learn to LOVE the hazy days were you get a break from the heat and can walk without fear of a sunburn. Perhaps the haze wasnt all that bad after all.

Today we joined together again for a time of worship and teaching. Susan shared with us from the story of Moses in Exodus 33, where he drew into the Tent of Meeting. She shared how we, too, need to have a sacred space where we draw in for time of communion with God. We reflected on how our outer lives and fruitfulness are dependent on the strength of our inner lives where we seek nourishment and renewed resources. I supposed it shouldnt have been surprising, then, when as the day drew on the storm clouds rolled in, drawing the women inside, into the tent of their own meeting where I hope they each found time for one on one intimacy with their Creator.

Tonight amid the blustery winds and flashes of lightning we will gather again to share funny stories about living and working cross-culturally. I cannot wait to hear the tent filled with the sounds of joyous laughter.

Join us in lifting up those who are always in secret as they worship and those who are willing to go to hard places to join the hidden church.

©2017 Thrive