2017 Malaysia | No Woman is an Island

One of the main things that we hear from women serving cross culturally is that it can be lonely work. Women who feel like they are on an island of isolation are almost immediately refreshed when they walk into a room and look around to see other women who understand the distinct challenges they face on a regular basis. They find they are no longer on an isolated island, but on a shoreline standing side by side with others. There is a distinct beauty in discovering that you are not alone.

Tonight we shared stories about the myriad ways God provided for these women to get to this retreat. One woman shared about how her children were reading a book about a mom who went on a retreat and came back like a whole new person. Her husband began praying for something like that for her. Prompted to search the internet she found the Thrive 2017 Malaysia retreat and couldn’t believe that not only was there a retreat specially designed for her – it was right on the beach, a location she’d been longing for!

These women arrive hungry for God and hungry for fellowship. They find it as they sit side by side and share their heart stories. They even get to sit on top of one another as they play the Shared Experiences game which allows them to express the shared joys and frustrations of their livelihood as laughter permeates the room.

Please join us in prayer as we make space for these women to find more and more fellowship and discover the common story they live as Global Women.

©2017 Thrive