2017 Malaysia | The Gift of Giving

During the Thrive Retreats we try to love on the attendees using all five Love Languages. One of those languages is gift giving and it is a wonderful treat to be able to bring gifts half way around the world just to bring a smile to Global Woman’s face. As a “gift lover” myself, I know the encouragement some women will experience knowing their needs and even their wants were thought of well ahead of time.

Today the volunteer team had the privilege of preparing and praying over the gifts that will be given. One of my favorite aspects of gifting as a love language is not just the receiving (which is great) but the actual gift of giving. The joy these ladies experienced while putting together gift packages was palpable this afternoon. They each wanted to do more, to fluff this bow or straighten that package. We are even introducing a new version of Taste of Home – our gift giving game* – at this retreat and the ladies had a BLAST wrapping treats into miles and miles of saran wrap. I am pretty sure it was all hands on deck during that activity with laughter and anticipation throughout the room.

Would you consider joining us in prayer as we anticipate the needs that will be met through the act of giving and receiving gifts, most especially the gifts of the Spirit, over the coming days?

*For those of you who’ve never played the Saran Wrap Game check it out online!

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