Day 20 | 30 Days of Prayer | Malaysia

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Day 20 | 30 Days of Prayer | Malaysia
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Today we pray for Restoration

Attendees: Monique and Regina

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10

Dear Heavenly Father,

Our volunteer team will soon be arriving at the retreat site. We will arrive tired and a bit jet-lagged and we’ll be coming with personal baggage besides our suitcases. We will need you to restore us.

Our attendees will also be carrying their own real-life stuff when they arrive. Some might be coming with discouragement, exhaustion, or feelings of frustration. They are choosing to come away with you and get some rest.

May each attendee and volunteer arrive with hope that she will see You, hear from You and be touched with Your love while she is at the retreat. Whether from a position of serving or receiving, may each woman be restored to the abundant life You sent Jesus to give her.

In Jesus Name, Amen


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Regional Prayer Focus Nation: North Korea


Challenges for Prayer

The “Hermit Kingdom” is a repressive nightmare, where the populace are kept ignorant of the outside world and forcibly indoctrinated into the bizarre doctrines and policies of the “Dear Leader”. He has made 70 bronze statues (total value over $1 billion) – and literally tens of thousands of other monuments, towers and figures – of his father Kim Il-Sung, the Father in the twisted Cheondogyo trinity of Father, Son and Juche spirit. The nuclear threat of this rogue nation is only surpassed by the nation’s great suffering and deprivation. Pray for the leader and his cadre, that the Holy Spirit might bring them to repentance and belief.


Excerpts taken from Operation World

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