Today we pray for Loneliness and Grief

Attendees: Beppie, Jonja and Chyanne

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Dear Heavenly Father,

Loneliness and grief are emotions that come with the life of service our attendees have chosen. They had to say premature good-byes when they left their homes to serve overseas and they have witnessed and experienced many types of grief as they’ve come alongside hurting people around the world. While you’ve invited them into a life that is often lonely and can bring much grief, You have always been present with them, coming alongside them even as they’ve come alongside the least of these. Our attendees are Your beloved and You care for each one when they are lonely and grieving.

May your arms of comfort wrap around the deep places of their hearts that are hurting. May the retreat help them to realize in new ways how beloved they are to You.

In Jesus name, Amen.


©2017 Thrive


Regional Prayer Focus Nation: Cambodia

Challenges for Prayer

The Cambodian Church has survived against all odds. Beginning in 1923, CMA missionaries laboured for 47 years before breakthrough began. Then the Church was nearly extinguished during the slaughter of the 1970s; 90% of Christians died or fled to Thai refugee camps – where a great harvest was reaped for the Kingdom. During the 1990s, churches spread to all 19 provinces. Pray for:

  1. a) Continued freedom of religion. The constitution guarantees it, but the government has re-affirmed the ban on door-to-door evangelism and on public distribution of tracts. The use of financial inducements for purposes of conversion by some religious groups has forced responsible Christian groups to reconsider their methods and avoid such negative associations. Pray for continued freedom to wisely and appropriately spread the good news.


Excerpts taken from Operation World