Today we pray for Stateside Parents and Family

Attendees: Jane and Linda 

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you. Exodus 20:12

Dear Heavenly Father,

Our attendees have many concerns for their family they’ve left behind. We pray for those who are concerned for elderly parents growing old without their companionship. We pray for those who have children now living as adults in the States.  We pray for those who long to hold their grandchildren or hear from their now-independent college-age student. We pray for those who are managing a long-distance dating relationship and questioning if serving overseas will require singleness.

Distance makes communication more challenging, staying current in each other’s lives more difficult. The Internet doesn’t always work and Skype isn’t always possible. Please ease the relationship challenges that come from distance and heal the relationships that are strained or broken.

During the retreat, Father, please help our attendees entrust their beloved families into Your care once again. Please give them peace. Help them to know how to think and pray about their family differences, problems, and needs.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Regional Prayer Focus Nation: Sri Lanka

Challenges for Prayer

Christian media ministries:

  1. a) Literature is in great demand. Literacy is high, but affordable quality literature that is culturally relevant is lacking. The main publishers – Margaya Fellowship, Pragna Publishers, The Bible Society, Gospel Ministries, YFC, Lanka Bible College and Colombo Theological Seminary (theological books and study materials), SGM (Scripture portions) – have produced much, but there are too few points of distribution. Pre-evangelistic materials are needed, especially for Buddhists. New Life Literature has a printing press, which is much used for printing gospel literature and the Gideons New Testaments in Sinhalese and Tamil. EHC has been involved in a nationwide gospel-literature distribution programme several times. CLC has recently established three Christian bookstores with a growing distribution ministry.
  2. b) The JESUS film has been extensively shown. Weekly, national TV broadcasts the Indian production “Jesus Calls” in three languages. Other Christian television content is increasingly available.


Excerpts taken from Operation World