Day 10 | 30 Days of Prayer | Malaysia

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Day 10 | 30 Days of Prayer | Malaysia
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Today we pray for the Counselors

Attendees: Alli, Lori and Abby

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12

Dear Heavenly Father,

It takes courage and humility to admit we need help when we are hurting, perplexed or confused because of burdens, hurts from trauma or relationships gone awry. We are thankful for the gift our counselors will be to those who need someone safe to talk to about the heavy things on their hearts.

Please give the retreat attendees courage to face what is in their hearts. Please give the counselors the ability to listen with love, compassion and a heart to understand and extend Your hope. Please bless each counseling visit with the healing and insights only You can provide and may Your truth shine a light to each one’s path.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Regional Prayer Focus Nation: Singapore

Challenges for Prayer

The responsiveness of the educated continues to be a strong trend. The perception of Christianity as a progressive belief system, coupled with the positive influence of mission schools and effective campus ministries, draw many of Singapore’s educated to the faith. Nearly one-third of English-speaking Chinese university graduates are Christian. As a result, believers have a strong impact on Singaporean society, with great potential for tentmaking missionary service.

Singapore is a strategic centre for regional and global Christian mission due to its infrastructure, stability, location and strong Christian population. Most expatriate missionaries based in Singapore are involved in international ministry.


Excerpts taken from Operation World

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