Day 9 | 30 Days of Prayer | Malaysia

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Day 9 | 30 Days of Prayer | Malaysia
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Today we pray for the topic of Depression

Attendees: Angie and Holly

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.   Psalm 34:18

Please Kind and Loving Father,

Heal our hearts. Heal our emotions. Help us turn to You in our times of depression and deep sadness to find the solace and comfort we need. Help us seek the help we need from our medical caregivers, spiritual leaders and community of friends, family and co-workers.

We pray for our sisters who serve overseas where there may not be as much help for depression and emotions that surge up and down. Not only may help not be available, they often see and experience trauma, poverty, and injustice which can fuel their emotional struggles. Help them hope and trust in You, learn to see their lives and experiences from Your perspective and receive Your healing for their souls.

We thank you for the counselors who will serve our attendees at the retreat. Please give those who need to see them courage to seek them out. Please give our counselors wisdom to know how best to offer the encouragement needed.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Regional Prayer Focus Nation: China

Challenges for Prayer

Opposing forces at work in Chinese society are creating tensions that demand urgent attention and foresight. The reformed central government struggles to maintain control over state authorities and trusts economic growth to solve most of the country’s problems. But China’s sheer size, its financial boom and the lack of freedom of information conspire to multiply injustices, expand the gap between rich and poor and defeat the egalitarian purposes of socialism. The following points of mounting pressure bear mention:

  1. a) Freedom of information. The government vainly tries to control the flow of and exposure to information, while also promoting Internet use. But a bored and disillusioned new generation that hankers after freedom is not only finding creative ways to access information, but many are also developing potentially dangerous hacking skills in the process.


Excerpts taken from Operation World

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