I live and work in the world’s most populous Muslim country. I moved here right after college to teach at an international school for a few years. After that, I moved back to the States, met my husband, had kids, and 13 years later, I’m back. My husband knew I loved the country but was not sure about us moving here. However, while were dating he visited the Middle East and became interested in Christian-Muslim relations. How perfect to mix with my love for this country where we now live.

My husband and I have lived in Southeast Asia for the past couple of years. Together we work with the young adults at our English speaking (but mostly local) congregation, while my husband pursues his doctorate in Christian Muslim relations. We host a weekly Bible study and dinner, lead several English conversation groups, talk through life with church members, have lessons learning the local language, and help out in the community wherever we can.

Our weekly Bible study is our biggest form of ministry. We started it about a year ago and it has been great!  We started off with a large group, but it dwindled greatly when members returned to their home countries, graduated, got married, got jobs elsewhere, or went home for the summer. It was quite disappointing. But, after a few weeks like that, we had a new crop of students and young adults start attending our church. In this new group, my husband and I have had some great opportunities to counsel people individually on relationships, faith, and just living life.

  1. My first prayer request is for my family. We moved here when my husband and I had been married for 4 years and our kids had just turned 2 and 3. A new marriage, two toddlers, and moving to a new country has had its challenges. We are doing well, but there are days I feel overwhelmed and just miss being “home.”
  2. Please also pray for our ministry, that it will continue growing and meeting needs in our congregation.
  3. Please pray for my husband as he finds time to research and work on his dissertation.


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