Global Woman Highlight | Luann Kuehl

My name is Luann Kuehl. My husband and I have been global workers for 30 years in South Africa working within the African Church movement.  We work with Zionists – or people who attend a Zion church (estimates put this number at 12-20 million people – within 6000 different denominations).  These churches worship and are structured according to African culture, which is beautiful. They are also syncretistic, which is not beautiful.  We have a unique Bible College that trains the leadership of these churches.  As they learn and apply biblical truth to their existing congregations their lives and churches are transformed. My favorite ministry is to train Sunday School teachers and work with new churches to start children’s ministries.

Please, pray for these churches to find the truth of faith alone in Jesus Christ.  Also, pray for my husband and I to be faithful servants to the task God has given us and for strength to handle the many responsibilities we have.  Please pray for us during this period of empty nesting.  We want to be good, God honoring, parents and grandparents in this stage of life as well as good global workers but we miss our family.  Pray for good health and safety on the roads (we travel extensively) and at home (we live in a high crime area). Lastly, pray that our relationship with the Lord will grow and we will be kept from sin.


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