Global Woman Highlight | Joanna Parada

I serve in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa with my husband and four children. We work with YWAM, and have been here for two years. Prior to being in South Africa, we served in Paraguay. This is our mission: to share the love and salvation of our Father with prisoners and at-risk youth. My husband visits various prisons and does Restorative Justice workshops with the inmates. Although the life situations of the inmates are pretty dismal, it is really exciting to see their eyes open to God’s love and forgiveness. It is a huge challenge for them to live out their newfound Christian faith, as the gang culture here is oppressive. My husband also works with young boys in a preventive attempt. I help out at a foster home, although spend most of my time at home running the household.

Our children are 19 (attends college here), 17 (attends high school here), 12 (homeschooled), and 9 (homeschooled).  The 9-year old has significant special needs (Down Syndrome, Autism, Type 1 Diabetes, and Hypothyroidism.)  In reality, I spend most of my time with this little treasure.

I see (actually hear) God work daily through the prisoners’ changed lives. They are hungry for hope and cannot get enough of the Bible. I also see God work through our family. Just our being here is a testimony of God’s faithfulness.


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