Amy had forgotten who she was.

It wasn’t exactly amnesia. She knew she was Amy Miller, a global women with a Brazil address for the last five years. But “my identity had become flipped upside down,” she said. Facing challenging circumstances and broken trust, Amy began to believe the lies of the enemy—“I am my sin.” “I am what I do.” “I’m a failure at being a missionary.”

Have you ever forgotten who—and Whose—you are?

Filled with a growing desperation, Amy went searching and discovered Thrive. “When I arrived at the retreat,” she said, “I was in denial about the bad place I was in spiritually and emotionally.

The retreat was the first time in a long time Amy felt God’s presence in a tangible way, through worship and teaching and care. The love she felt there “spoke to me and softened my heart to what the Lord was trying to do.”

In the months that followed, God wrote beloved on every page of Amy’s story. He reinforced her identity in Him. He affirmed her role as His daughter, no matter her job title.

Sometimes global women need those reminders that they are more than their work. 

A full retreat sponsorship is $780, but even your gift of $100, $250, or $500 allows a global woman to attend a Thrive retreat and gives her the chance to be reminded of her true identity.

God is ultimately leading Amy to a new ministry supporting global work from the U.S. But in that, Amy sees His tender care. “The title of missionary is something I held too tightly, too dearly. He’s affirming my identity as His beloved wherever I am in the world.

Wherever Amy is, God knows her address. He also knows the addresses of the global women who will follow Amy in ministry in Brazil and throughout the world.

Your gift of a retreat sponsorship gives a global woman be cared for holistically in a way that reminds her she is cherished.

Would you give the gift of Joy this #GIVINGTUESDAY of $100, $250, or $500 to remind her?

Amy wrote later to say, “Did you know my name means beloved?” It was there all along. God knew her name, yet Amy needed to hear it again. Would you remind a global woman that she is not her job, but a beloved daughter of the King of Kings?

Because the Great Commission matters.

P.S. Amy met Thrive at her point of need and was reminded of the Truth. Would you give the Gift of Joy this #GivingTuesday so another global woman gets a chance to be reminded who—and Whose—she is?


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