Global Woman Highlight | Danielle Schneider

I have been living and serving in Cape Town, South Africa for a little over 8 years. I am a former elementary school teacher. I love working with children and training people on how to work with children. I am single, never been married, and have about 18 non-biological nieces and nephews. Children just put a huge smile on my face.

I am the Life Skill Educator and Curriculum Coordinator for Living Hope in Cape Town, South Africa. Living Hope is a non-profit that has about 18 different programs that it runs (  My job is to train the 23 local staff that run our afternoon children and teens club programs. I oversee all of the curriculum and educational training and mentoring of the local staff.

Just last week I answered the call to go on staff as the Children’s Director at a local church in Cape Town called King of Kings Baptist Church. This church is the one that started Living Hope. So I am now working at each place part time. 

Just recently we just finished three weeks of Vacation Bible School or Holiday Club as they call it here. By the end of the third week we were running over 1,000 children/teens each day over the 6 locations that were running holiday club. At one of our holiday clubs I had the joy of watching some of my staff have conversations with teenagers who are wrestling with questions about becoming a Christian. What a blessing to see my staff be able to have intentional conversations with teenagers who are searching for the truth!

As I have just stepped into this role of Children’s Director be in prayer as I am trying to do both of my jobs with God’s guidance and wisdom.

Be in prayer for me letting go and trying to empower my staff at Living Hope to be able to do things and not be so dependent on me. 

We have had quite a few of our global workers leave from Living Hope as their time has just come to an end, just be in prayer as I am having to say lots of goodbyes!


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